You Have Not Many Fathers

Lesson 3 – The Father’s Eyes



A father looks at life differently than a warrior. Warriors are watching for enemies; fathers are looking for sons. Warriors are looking at the giants in life; whereas, fathers are watching their grandchildren. A father sees things which others miss. Because of the wisdom of his experience, he looks at life from a different perspective. Maturity has changed his value system. He’s learned the most important things in life aren’t things; the most important things are the relationships he builds with people he loves. Fathers have learned the most important things are not the things we do personally, but the things which we influence others to do. This starts the process of multiplication through generational blessings. Good fathers have faith their children will accomplish greater things than they have themselves. “Greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.” John 14:12

We would be wise to try to see what our fathers see. If we can learn to look through their eyes, we can gain a wealth of information and wisdom. To the young person every picture is a new picture, but a father has seen many of these places before and realizes where they lead.


Anyone with normal perception can see who we are today; but a father is able to see our potential for tomorrow. They’re able to look inside of us and see things which many times we can’t see about ourselves. Much of this is because of the DNA on which God has built our lives. A father is able to look at the child and see himself at that early age. He knows what is happening in the heart and mind of the child because one time, he too, was a child. He remembers his emotions, his faith, and his fears. He remembers the dreams he had of changing his world, and sees all of this through the eyes of his son or daughter.

Because he’s able to see our potential, he has the ability to draw it out. The biggest frustration of young people is having dreams of what they want to do, but not knowing how to accomplish them. Young people need a strong, wise hand to steady them as they set out on the journey of life. Some of them are lacking in confidence and need someone to encourage them; others are over-confident and need someone to caution them. Too much confidence or the lack of enough confidence causes us to make costly mistakes, but a good father helps us make the adjustments necessary to fulfill our dreams.


Life is full of challenges. If it were easy, someone else would have already done it. Climbing any mountain becomes easier once you’ve climbed it, but it’s the challenge of conquering the unknown, of doing what’s never been done before that makes life so difficult. This is where a father’s counsel is invaluable. He can’t fight our battles or conquer our giants, but he can give us godly advice from a thousand battles he’s fought and won. His experience gives us the winning edge to our own victories.

A good father not only knows us, he also knows much about the enemies we’re facing. He’s able to help us avoid many of the costly mistakes he made as a young man. If we are wise, we will listen to his counsel before going into battle ourselves. Because many youth aren’t ready to listen, they’re defeated by the giants in their lives and become negative people. There’s nothing more pitiful in life than looking at a young person who has given up the hope of living a victorious life. At the very time when they should be killing giants, they’ve been reduced to a life of defeat. Yes, there will be problems in life, but life, itself, isn’t a problem. Life’s a challenge that’s waiting for the young man or young woman with faith to conquer it.


Good fathers aren’t negative people; they’re optimistic about the future. They know that, for all the problems which life may bring, God is still on the throne of the universe, and that He’s a good God. Because of this, they believe in a good future. They are contagious optimists who are still looking for greater mountains to climb.

Good fathers are dreamers. The prophet said, “Old men shall dream dreams,” and this is true. Fathers realize the best is yet to come. They know that many of their own dreams will be fulfilled by their children and grandchildren. Because of their faith, they’re able to motivate new generations to take advantage of the opportunities which lie before them. They’ve chosen to live a life of faith and are able to inspire a younger generation to climb higher than anyone has ever climbed before. The sweetest apple grows high on the limb waiting for someone to climb up and reach out to pick it. When we place our emphasis on the promises of God, we find the faith we need to overcome the difficulties of life.


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John 14:12