World Evangelism

The World Village

by Dr. Dale Yerton

The World Village

One of the problems in understanding global problems is the world is so big, it’s hard to comprehend facts and figures of such magnitude. So, we will attempt to reduce the world down to a village of 100 people. Here are some estimates from the United Nations to help us understand what our world would like as a village of 100.

1. Who would live in our village of 100?

• Asians – 57 • Europeans – 21 • Africans – 8 • North, Central, and South Americans – 14 This would make up the population of our village.

2. What would be the color of our village of 100?

• 70 of them would not be white. • There would be a large variety of color and racial features.

3. What is the religion of our village of 100?

• 69 of them would not be Christian. • 24 would be Muslims. • 15 of them would be Hindus. • 15 would be a mixture of small religious groups. • 15 would be non-religious. In our village of 100, 28 would have never heard once about Jesus.

4. What is the education of our village of 100?

• 17 would be illiterate. • Over 50 would have a primary school education. • Only six would have a college degree. • Over 50 would speak either English or Spanish as a first or second language.

5. What is the financial income of our village of 100?

• 25 would live on $3.20 per day. • 50 would live on $5.50 per day. • 40% of the wealth of the world would be in the hands of six US citizens. The distribution of wealth is one of the biggest problems in our village.

6. What is the nutrition of our village of 100?

• 50 would be hungry. • 25 would be slowly starving from malnutrition.

7. What is the housing of our village of 100?

• 80 would live in substandard housing. • 40 would have never used a telephone. • Only 25 would own a TV. This is a picture of our world today. This helps us to understand some of the inequities and challenges our world is facing. As Christians we believe the best way to change the world begins with changing a heart. The good news of Jesus Christ changes the way we live and how we treat one another. Jesus taught us, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Why should anyone hear the gospel twice until everyone has heard it once? Let’s give them the light of Jesus Christ while there’s still time. Years ago, I experienced an encounter with a little boy in Tamazunchale, Mexico which changed my life. I found a little boy asleep on the floor next to the wall in a store and asked the proprietor what he was doing there? He was embarrassed and explained the little boy came from a village about thirty minutes away and was looking for work. We asked if we could help the boy, and he readily agreed. We took him to a restaurant and fed him a huge breakfast, but I left there that day with a broken heart because I knew there are 50,000 more just like him in Mexico alone. I began asking God to give me a bigger heart to help the hurting and it has changed my life forever.

This is Our World! It’s in Our Hands!

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