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Arabian light

by Dr. Dale Yerton

Arabian Light

Differences Between Islam and Christianity Islam is a religion, a culture, and a spirit.

1. The religion of Good Works

The name Islam means to “submit.” Islam is a system of religious rules, and the teachers have produced rules for every area of life. • Rules cannot change human nature. • Rules cannot bring peace to a troubled conscience. • Rules are easily twisted by cheating people.

2. The Koran

The Koran was written in Arabic. There is no chronological order to the Koran. It is a collection of the sayings of Mohammed. Approximately 70% of all Muslims have not read the Koran even though they believe it is God’s final revelation to man. There are several reasons for this. • Islamic countries have the largest illiteracy rates in the world. • There are strict religious rules for reading the Koran.

Quotes from the Koran:

“Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends.” “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or His Messenger.” “Christians call Christ the Son of God,.. Allah’s curse be on them.”

3. Mercy

There is no concept of mercy or grace in Islam. Muslims believe Allah is above feeling the emotions of people. Allah is seen as separate from his creation, much like an absentee landlord. A classic story to illustrate this is of an adulterous woman brought to Mohammed. What should we do he was asked? “Bring her back to me after the baby is born”, he replied. After the baby came, they returned and he said, “Let her nurse the baby until he is weaned and bring her again”. When the baby was weaned, they returned and he said, “Kill her and give the baby to a good Muslim woman.” The contrasting story is of the adulterous woman brought to Jesus and Jesus said to her, “Neither, do I condemn you, go and sin no more.”

4. Women’s Rights

Women are treated as inferior to men in Islam. A woman’s voice is only worth one/half of a man’s voice in court of law. A man is permitted to have up to four wives at a time and can divorce them by simply saying, “I divorce you,” three times. Six thousand girls suffer female mutilation daily in Islamic countries. The value of the woman is linked to her ability to have sons, which is why Islamic countries have the world’s highest birth rates.

5. Slavery

Slavery is legal and practiced by many Islamic countries. Thousand of women and children are as annually as slaves by Muslims. The majority of these are African Christians who are sold to countries in the mid-east. If we want to understand a religion, watch the way they treat women and children.

6. Holy War

Mohammed believed in using the sword to convert people to Islam. He called this “Holy War.” There is no promise of Paradise in the Koran with the exception of dying while fighting “Jihad.” The world of Islam is surrounded by what is called “Islam’s Bloody Borders.” This includes nations like Palestine, Iraq, the Philippines, Nigeria, Sudan, Niger, and Indonesia. Approximately 15% of Muslims are involved in fighting Jihad and believe the end justifies the means. They will use whatever terror necessary to win battles. As Christians, we are fighting a spiritual battle with spiritual weapons, but carnal weapons are what the devil uses.

7. Conflict Between Christianity and Islam

How should we respond to Muslims? “God so loved the world” includes Muslims. (John 3:16) Allah is never described as love in the Koran. Love is a foreign idea in the minds of Muslims and yet their lonely hearts long for love. “For by grace you have been saved,.. it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8) Do not argue religion. Religions of good works make proud people who love to argue. Share with them the blessed assurance of forgiveness. Pray for them. “Pray for those who persecute you and spitefully use you.” (Matthew 5:44) Do nothing without prayer. Prayer prepares the way for God to work supernaturally. • Pray for supernatural manifestations of Christ to non-believers. • Pray for the oppressed women and children. • Pray for the Christian workers in persecuted areas. • Pray for the new believers. More people have come to Christ in the last 40 years in Iran than in the previous 1,000 years. The percentage of Christianity in Indonesia has grown so high the government won’t print it. It is estimated at 25%. Support strategic ministries working in restricted areas. Americans give less than 10% to ministries working among Islamic people. The world of Islam is the last frontier to fulfilling The Great Commission. Turn ISLAM into an acrostic which says, I Shall Love All Muslims!

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