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Lesson 37 - restoration

The word “restoration” means to bring back or to put back into the original state. Restoration means that whatever has been lost has been restored. The Bible is a book about restoration. Everything that was lost in the Book of Genesis is restored in the Book of Revelation. Genesis is the book of beginnings, whereas, the Book of Revelation is the book of ultimates.

NOTE: There is no Scriptural proof that the things lost before the Book of Genesis (namely Lucifer and the fallen angels) are ever restored. Revelation 20:10, 14

All knowledge is progressive, including spiritual knowledge. Proverbs 4:18 What believers are experiencing in Christ is an unfolding revelation of redemption. Everything that mankind lost by Adam’s rebellion will be totally restored because of Christ’s obedience. Romans 5:17-21


In the terminology of computer operators, Adam and Eve experienced a “wipe-out” about God when they sinned. Spiritual knowledge
cannot be retained in the carnal mind.

  • In the Garden of Eden, they fellowshipped daily with God. Genesis 3:8
  • The moment Adam and Eve sinned, fear entered them. Genesis 3:10
  • They lost their God-consciousness and became self-conscious. Genesis 3:7

It would seem that Adam had known so much about God that he could have communicated vast amounts of spiritual knowledge to his children. But this did not happen. Instead:

  • Adam’s firstborn son, Cain, became a murderer. Genesis 4:8
  • The first poetry in the Bible was about murder. Genesis 4:23-24
  • In ten generations, the world became so wicked it was destroyed. Genesis 6:9-13


  • God spoke to and through inspired people. Hebrews 1:1
  • God began a revelation of Himself through His covenant with Abraham. Genesis 12:1-3; John 8:56
  • God gave Moses written instructions about this covenant. Deuteronomy 5:6-21

The whole story of the Old Testament is about God choosing a man (Abraham) to develop a nation (Israel) that would produce the Messiah (Jesus Christ) who would save the world.


  • Jesus Christ is God Himself in flesh. John 1:1-3,14
  • It was impossible for us to rightly know God from the distant heavens, so God became a man to reveal Himself to us. II Corinthians 4:6
  • Jesus Christ came to earth to reconcile us to God. Romans 5:11
  • Jesus gave us the perfect example of the Godhead. Colossians 2:9

However, it was not God’s desire to simply reveal Himself to us. His desire is for us to experience Him in our lives in such a way that we will become more and more like Him until we are one with God. II Corinthians 3:18; Ephesians 1:10


History is His-story

Old Testament

In the Old Testament, each revelation of God was revealed to a leader and then proclaimed to the people. Finally, the people experienced the truth in their own lives. (Example: God revealed Himself as one true God. Deuteronomy 6:4 This revelation was given to an idolator named Abram (Joshua 24:2) and was proclaimed to Israel by Moses.

But Israel went through much suffering before the revelation became reality to them and they were finally cured of their idolatry.)

New Testament

In like manner, in the New Testament, Jesus Christ is the complete revelation of God. But the truth that is in Jesus has to be experienced
in the lives of the New Testament believers. Colossians 2:6, 7


There are seven distinct church periods that relate to church history. Revelation 1:20

  • The Apostolic Church 30 ad to 100 ad – This church was under the leadership of the original apostles.
  • The Persecuted Church 100 ad to 313 ad – This was the church that suffered the severe persecution of the Roman empire.
  • The Imperial Church 313 ad to 476 ad – This church was declared to be the state church by Constantine. It was during this time that the church lost the ministry gifts, the manifestation gifts, and much of the fruit of the spirit.
  • The Medieval Church 476 ad to 1453 ad – This is what is called the dark ages when the church was political rather than spiritual. The church was without spiritual leadership, without spiritual life or fruit.
  • The Reformed Church 1453 ad to 1648 ad – This was the church that began experiencing restoration. Martin Luther brought the message of “justification by faith.” John Calvin brought the message of “the sovereignty of God.”
  • The Holiness Church 1648 ad to 1900 ad – This church continued to experience restoration. John Wesley brought a revelation of “sanctification.” A.B. Simpson brought the message of “divine healing.”
  • The Pentecostal Church 1900 ad to TODAY – This is the church that we are experiencing today with the revelation of the “baptism of the Holy Spirit.” The experience that began in a holiness prayer meeting has now affected the church worldwide.


Acts 3:21 says that Jesus will be contained in the heavens until the restitution of all things. God has promised to do quick work and to cut it short in righteousness. Romans 9:28 God is obviously doing a quick work in our day!

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